Shoal Hill Common corporate clean up

Our team (including Emma and Ruth) joined two Shoal Hill rangers, Bob Collett and Eddie Turvey, to lead a corporate clean up at Shoal Hill Common Local Nature Reserve, with staff from Veolia Environmental Services.

In just one morning the AONB team, along with the rangers and Veolia workers collected ten bags of recycling and 15 bags of waste from across the nature reserve and surrounding areas!

The staff, who are from Veolia’s procurement team, took part in the litterpick as part of Veolia’s Corporate Payback Scheme. The scheme helps employees give back to the community by getting involved in local projects.

Emma Beaman, our Assistant AONB Officer, said: “We were delighted to set the team up with the right equipment and lead the litter pick on the day, to help clean up this beautiful area of the AONB.”

If you want to find out about other litter picks and community projects in the AONB, give Emma a call on 01889 882613.

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