Volunteers Required to Survey Peace and Tranquility on Cannock Chase AONB

As part of our ongoing monitoring work we are required to carry out a peace and tranquillity study. The last one we did (which was the baseline data work) was in 2010 and volunteers were solely responsible for collecting data by interviewing 30 people asking them what they viewed as the most ‘least tranquil’ and ‘most tranquil’ areas on the Chase. The report was really successful and useful in developing a baseline for future work. Some of you may remember it from the mince pie competition at the end.
It is now time to gather more data to identify whether the areas ‘peace and tranquillity’ has changed, this will then determine any future management.
If you would like to learn how to get involved in this piece of work we are holding a workshop on the 3rd of October at 10am for 2hours, followed by lunch at Beaudesert Park Farm.
Please let me know if you are able to attend?(emma.beaman@staffordshire.gov.uk) If , you would like to get involved but can’t make that date I am happy to talk through the process with you or come and see you whenever is convenient with yourselves

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