AONB Membership

 Do you regularly come to Cannock Chase Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), and wonder how you can give something back to help conserve and improve this endangered habitat?

 Becoming a member will allow you to help the AONB Partnership to manage this beautiful landscape, while getting a behind the scenes look at how we look after it.

 We offer a fantastic range of memberships, including individual, partner, family, group and corporate, as well as gift memberships.

 And the best bit is, as a member of Cannock Chase AONB, you’ll be helping us to safeguard this precious habitat now and for the future.

Membership packages

There are many different packages to choose from. The standard package – Heather is listed below. Other packages are available with additional features these are illustrated in the table. For full package information visit our website

Single membership – Heather

Join Cannock Chase AONB as a single member for £24 a year. As a Heather member you will receive:

– a membership pack about Cannock Chase AONB
– two newsletters a year
– an invitation to all our AONB awareness days
– a book featuring stunning photographs of Cannock Chase AONB

This membership can be also be bought as a gift, or as a joint membership. Joint members receive the same as a single member but at a discounted price.

Corporate Membership

This membership offers you the following bespoke package that has been designed to meet your specific requirements:

  1. a membership pack full of all the information you need to know about the AONB
  2. a newsletter twice a year updating you on AONB activities and information
  3. an AONB book of photographs
  4. a bespoke volunteer package designed to meet your business needs

Contact us

To become a member, or to find out more, please contact Cannock Chase AONB.

Telephone: 01889 882613

Membership Type Membership Pack Newsletters Invitation to events Book of photographs AONB Presentation Members day invite Children’s Activity pack Badge Pen Mug Volunteer days Cost
Heather single x x x x               £24
Heather joint x x x x               £36
Bilberry single X X X x   X   X X x   £36
Bilberry joint X X X X   X   X X x   £54
Corporate Stags X X X X             x £300
Group Nightjar X X X X X             £120
Family Fawns X X X X     X X x     £54
Heather gift X X X X               £24

*prices include VAT and cover 12 months of membership*






To find out more, contact Emma Beaman.

2 Responses to AONB Membership

  1. Mr Ron Evans says:

    Please send details of membership for single member and corporate rates.
    Thank You

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