Contact us

To find out more about becoming a Friend of Cannock Chase, contact:

Cannock Chase AONB
Stafford Borough Council
Civic Centre, Riverside
ST16 3AQ

01785 619185

Email : or

3 Responses to Contact us

  1. Christopher Teitge says:

    Hi Emma
    I have an interest in the chase, i live in stafford, married and im x military i enjoy the outdoor life as you can imagine, i have been walking me dog all over the chase for the past 10 years, have taken plenty of photies not only on the deer but trees, insects etc, every time im up on the chase i take my little camera then fill me hard drive up of pics, i must have over 2000 photies, how sad is that lol, how ever i have said to myself on numerouse occasions i must get involved, im 49 my dog is 11 (slowing down he`s a Parsons Jack russel, fantastic temperament, and i would like some info to get started.
    Looking forward to your reply.

    Regards Chris Teitge

    • emmaaonb says:

      Hi Chris, thanks for your comment apologies for taking so long to reply. How exactly would you like to get involved? We have two projects running at the moment a visitor survey project where we are seeking volunteers to spend 2hours on a designated site surveying people and the fixed point photography project where we ask poeple to take photos twice a year from their designated point. If you are interested in either please ler me know? Regards emma

  2. Colin Fletcher says:

    I have two small Yew trees if any one would like a new home for them, or plant them on Cannock Chase.

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