Cycle sense – code of conduct

Horse and Cycle code of conductBe aware people, dogs and horses might not hear you / realise you are there, take care and slow down when approaching and call out a friendly ‘hello’as a warning.

• For your own safety and that of others, please wear bright clothing and a helmet.

• Keep to designated tracks to avoid disturbing animals and plants.

• Try to stay off soft wet areas and avoid skidding to help prevent erosion.

• Please ride safely, don’t speed, and be careful, courteous and friendly.

ATB Code of Conduct

Maintain control & expect the unexpectedRide within your ability. Losing control increases your risk of injury, the risk of injuring others and your impact on the environment.

Ride to the conditionsYour ability to control your bike will be different in different conditions. Ride within the conditions to protect yourself, others and the environment.

Give plenty of warningLet others know you are there well in advance.

Mountain bikes travel quietly and often at high speeds.

This can be very startling for others and is one reason why many track users are so intolerant of mountain bikers.

Limited visibility – slow downWhere your visibility is restricted, slow down. There may be somebody just around the corner.

Keep left where possibleThis is consistent with traffic regulations and because of people’s natural tendencies should minimise risk of collision.


Pass with care

Be sure when passing other users that, if the

unexpected occurs, you will still be able to pass safely

(when passing bikes call “bike right”).


Be courteous

Being polite and courteous to others can do nothing but

improve the image of all mountain bikers. A polite

greeting will suffice.


Always give way

Always give way to walkers, runners, and horse riders (by

law bikes come last).


Avoid skidding

Skidding reduces your control and damages the track.


Minimum impact code

Observe the minimum impact code. Take only

photographs and leave only tyre prints.


Avoid sensitive areas

Avoid delicate vegetation and soft surfaces. Take extra

care in damp conditions.


Access – rights of way/get permission

Access is a privilege, not a right, know your rights of way

and stick to them. Check if permission is required from

landowners before heading out.



Shut the gate


Do not run livestockGive animals a chance to get out of your way. Avoid farmland during sensitive times where possible e.g.lambing.These areas have been closed for a good reason. You are not helping the reputation of mountain bikers by riding in these areas.

Working forestsRemember, other vehicles use forest roads. Keep away from forestry operations and do not pass vehicles loading timber until told to do so.

The Mountain-bike Instructors’ Award Scheme offers the opportunity to gain competence in leading cyclists in off-road environments.

Mountain biking is often associated with freedom, adventure, discovery, exercise and promotes an opportunity to explore local and national wilderness environments. Group leaders should always foster a high regard for the environment and other users and inhabitants and encourage in others an understanding of the problems of conservation, access and erosion. The schemen includes consideration of these aspects which are vital if the ethics and traditions of the outdoors are to continue. 



Respect areas closed to mountain biking

Mountain Biking:

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