Our projects

We support and lead on a number of projects across the AONB. These can range from our recent sculpture trail at Shugborough, through to helping Beaudesert Park Farm education facility install composting toilets.

Fixed Point Photography

Then fixed point photography project is a way of monitoring landscape change over time. this project has been running for 5 years and covers 55 fixed points around the AONB. Twice a year volunteers take photographs from their designated point and send them to the AONB unit. Over time the photos will provide a clear steer on how the landscape has changed overtime.

If you would like to be involved in this please contact Emma who will sort out a location for you (you can choose your own) and send you all the relavant information. Photographs are provided of each site to illustrate where the tripod should be standing to ensure consistency throughout the project.

The AONB unit are currently awaiting a landscape monitoring project that provides information on how the landscape of the AONB has chamged over time, thanks to photographs provided from the fixed point photography group.

Visitor Survey 2010 – 2011

Over the next few months from October 2010 through till September 2011 volunteers will be working on site and throughout the AONB collating information for the 2010- 2011 visitor survey.

There are two aims of this survey.  The first is to gather comprehensive and up-to-date factual information on usage of Cannock Chase Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) following on from the Visitor Survey conducted in 2000.

The second is to gather information on visitor use of the Special Area of Conservation (SAC) part of the AONB to help with management and planning for future visitors.  Key areas that will be looked at include the identification of the numbers and profile of visitors, the characteristics of their visits.

There are two ways you can help us. If there are volunteers on site today please go and chat with them and fill in one of the simple survey forms with them. Volunteers are visible as they will be wearing purple t-shirts and hi-vis saying ‘AONB Partnership Volunteer’ on the reverse.

It is important that all data is up to date and accurate to ensure that this beautiful area  is appropriately managed so that it remains the same as it is today.

If you would like to be involved in this important piece of work please contact Emma at the AONB Office

Peace and Tranquility Study

In 2010, the AONB conducted a peace and tranquility monitoring study on Cannock Chase. Results illustrated that everywhere on the Chase people could find somewhere that was tranquil to them.

This year 2014 – 2015 we are collecting the next set of data. Volunteers have been going out over the AONB asking people which areas they think are most tranquil and those that arent. The survey will run up until September 2015. If you would like to volunteer please contact Emma at the AONB office on 01785619186Tranquillity Mapping in Cannock Chase AONB final

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