Learning about the AONB

This project was conducted by the Country Trust and comprised a four day residential trip for a primary school group from a deprived area of Stoke on Trent. 

They spent four days in the AONB learning about food, farming and the management of the countryside.

The aim of the project was to introduce children who have little or no experience of the countryside to life in a rural location. 

They learnt about food production through farm visits and practical activities such as cheese making and learnt about why the AONB is important, both to humans and the wildlife that lives there, and how it is managed. 

They also undertook team building activities designed to raise self esteem and learnt about assessing risk through adventure activities. 

The project linked the school to local food producers and to sites that may be visited by their families at another time.

In addition, the Assistant AONB Officer visited the school and did a presentation about the AONB to 100 pupils.

130 children got involved with the AONB through this project.

Total project cost £4,037.  Match funding generated £1037 (25%)

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