Visitor Survey

Cannock Chase AONB Visitor Survey 2010 – 2011


 In 2000 Staffordshire University conducted a Visitor Survey on the AONB’s behalf. The idea of the survey was to calculate the number of people coming to the area , modes of transport, reasons for visits etc. Data could then be used to look at how best to manage visitors to the AONB to ensure minimal damage to this precious habitat.

10 years on and with changing recreational activities we wish to complete another survey but unfortunately we cannot afford to pay an external consultant and therefore the AONB partnership have been tasked to doing it using local volunteers.

What we are asking is for you to spend 12 days over the next year monitoring visitor numbers and asking short questionnaires to random people. There are six survey periods. In each survey period we ask that you survey on a weekday and a weekend day, in the morning, midday and late afternoon. We ask that you work in pairs and for one to tally numbers and one to ask the simple questionnaires.

There are 40 survey sites to choose from, a number of which have already been taken if you do decide to help us out we would require your t-shirt size, name and address to send you the volunteer pack and information.

For more information contact Emma on 01889 882613 or email

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